The Return of A Friend

by Tor


August 11, 2022

It’s been 4 years. 4 years since I got my first peek into the other side of the energies of the Universe. 4 years since I sat on a mountain top with a person I had just met. Thomas from Bali.

Thomas has now returned to Norway and it’s time to check in with where we’re both at.

The Reunion

Packing kids is hard. They don’t stack very well, and they tend to wiggle all over the place. Once I had notified my kids about what we were about to do, I got them loaded into the car and we drove towards the beach where Thomas would be waiting.

I wonder what he thought when we came strolling down the beach, me in full mountain gear despite the crushing heat, and kids both on my shoulders and in my hands… It didn’t look weather-appropriate, that’s for sure.

As we got settled, I noticed that it was like we never stopped the conversation from the last time. The flow was tangible, and it just confirmed that some friendships are very special.

We talked about what we had been up to. I shared my current work and plans, and he shared his. It took about 9 minutes until we were inspiring each other with new ideas.

After a while, we had some pizza with the kids (who came to love him at first sight) and we headed home.

Got Wood?

Wintertime in Norway has become an international thing. Everyone knows that it gets cold. For the natives, we plan for this well in advance, so that we have firewood stored up and ready to go. To not have that can be disastrous.

Thomas’ mom called me up and asked if I would be able to help out with some wood she had been given. We were currently seeing a “Klondike Moment” in terms of wood, where it was near impossible to source, but Source made it happen regardless.

As Thomas was working, which is something we don’t fully appreciate in my opinion – the fact that we can work whenever and wherever we choose – me and his mom got started on logging the 2 metric tons (literally) of wood into the storage room.

We talked about life, our visions, our plans, the Universe – everything.

I realized that I had a second family once more.

I am notorious for not keeping in touch with people! You know, you have an amazing conversation, you agree to do it again soon, and 3 years later you say “Why did we wait this long?”. That’s something I have to change because the energy I got from it was amazing. Go more towards what feels good and don’t always try to swim upriver, basically.

Once we were done with the logs, we agreed to meet up the next day and continue our adventure.

Personally, I was heading to the waterpark with my family.

Tor logging that wood with a grand smile

The Waterpark Adventure

Once in the waterpark, I didn’t know that my life was about to take yet another Shift…

Before I left Thomas and his family, my daughter had called me up on Messenger and said; “Daddy, I am going to do ALL the hard things in the waterpark!”.

Wenche, Thomas’ mom heard my daughter speak and she was blown away. Souls recognize each other as many will know. She felt the power of my 4-year-old as she was determined to push herself into new levels of greatness.

When we arrived, she showed me just what she meant.

“Daddy! Let’s do the BIG slides outside!!”

She had never done these, as they were more or less vertical and looked intimidating. We agreed that I would test it first, to ensure they were safe. The moment I hit the bottom, my daughter pulled me back up, ready to try.

Once there though, it got real. She wasn’t as sure about it as she had been moments before. But as my life has turned out amazing simply due to the fact that I chase fear, I knew that this would be huge for her. I settled in and told her that she could sit on my lap, where I could keep her secure as we spiraled down the slide.

She agreed and with a huge smile and a shrieking scream, we were off.

When we arrived at the bottom, she was ready and fueled for more. This is where things took a turn…


In this waterpark, there is a floating obstacle course that is intended for the bigger people. My 4.5feet tall daughter jumped into the swimming pool and headed towards it. She had floaties on, which gives her a lot of courage when it comes to navigation. She mounted the starting barge and sprinted across this thing as if it was nothing! “She’s my future Adventure-buddy”, I thought to myself.

Once she had conquered the course, she headed towards the diving boards – something she had never tried before. She approached the ledge and flew off without a thought. I was amazed… Then she did it again!

On her third run, I casually called out “Do the bomb!” as a joke! But without hesitation, she leaped off the board, tucked in her legs, and splashed into a beautiful waterbomb. Me and Michelle – as well as many other onlookers – were speechless.

This inspired me to head to the tallest diving board, where it’s nothing but a concrete slab above the water. I leaped off to my daughter’s encouragement and applause. “Again!”, she yelled, and I complied.

But this time, my “thing” flared up…

Pushing Fear

As I stood on the slab, looking down, I thought to myself that I had just gone off “the right way”… What if I turned my back to it? The mere thought made my heart pound. This was 30 feet in the air, and I haven’t done a lot of these things. I looked at my partner who instantly started to shake her head and yell “NO! DON’T do that, Tor!!” She knows me all too well…

I looked at the tiny spec of my daughter, and shouted “Should I?!”. She, of course, nodded frantically and yelled “YES!”. I had no choice.

My heart was pounding as I put my heels on the edge. In my mind, I was thinking “I should do a ‘Lazy Flip’, whatever that is, where I just fall backward and let physics do its thing…” It made sense due to how far down the water was.

My partner saw that this was going to happen, so she turned away while my daughter looked on with inspiration.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and leaned backward to the uncertainty of free falling.

I landed square on my ass, and I feared that I had ripped open the shorts, but as I looked around me, everything had gone just as planned (not counting the ass-landing)! My daughter was beside herself with excitement and my “WOOO!” could be heard by all.

I felt different. Going through that barrier had done what so many things have done before. It removed a layer of limitation and allowed more flow and freedom into my life. I knew then, that this was something I will devote my life to.

The Drowning Effect

We headed to a warmer pool, where I told my daughter that she was too old to be there. It was only for those who were 18+ years old… – or between 0-3. So I explained this to her, and how I saw this as a very stupid rule, to which she whole-heartedly agreed.

When my partner came in, she didn’t know how to respond when she heard her daughter say “Mom! Ask me how old I am!”. She was even more skeptical when the proud 4-year-old proudly stated, “I am 3 years old.”

F#&” the system, am I right?

My daughter got into the water, where she had another shock in store for us. She removed her floaties, drew her breath, and went underwater!!

I was in shock… Sure, she had said that she was going to do “all the hard things” before we got here, but DAMN. She’s 4, and she literally shifted everything around how her reality of water was! I probably glowed with pride…

We worked on breathing techniques, swim strokes, floating, and everything that we could for the rest of our stay.

It was amazing. It’s one of those moments that provides insane amounts of gratitude to be a parent.

Personally, I was pushing myself, as I had recently learned about the mammalian diving reflex – how our body is sabotaging our efforts because it wants to stay alive… I had to overcome it because I want to be able to submerge myself in the dimension of water to a degree that I have never done before. I want to explore this world, survive in it, and hunt in it – freediving the hell out of it.

But I had little to no success. This is definitely something I will study and practice a lot more.

The Magic Fields

One of the days – I can’t accurately remember which – Thomas and I went to do one of my favorite activities. Walking in nature and foraging!

Thomas enjoying the magic of nature

We talked about the history of psychedelics, the current system and what we think of it, Joe Rogan podcast episodes, and a bunch more. It felt absolutely liberating to speak to a like-minded soul like this. Many people will see eye to eye on things, but rarely do you find a twin soul.

The sense of presence that one gets when walking around and talking about deeper topics is nothing short of miraculous. We tend to always go somewhere in our society. We always have things to do, and we never have enough time.

Well, I think it’s about what we do with the time we have. Taking a breather from the everyday chaos can be a lifesaver.

Until Next Time

Thomas was in Norway for just over a week, and we had amazing talks and adventures, which inspired me once more to continue doing what I do.

The point of creating your freedom is to never give up, right? Staying consistent and keep working, even when you feel like that’s the last thing you want to do. Having like-minded people in your life that can re-ignite the spark is priceless.

I feel grateful and fortunate that our paths have crossed, and I look forward to sharing experiences and stories the next time around. Maybe I’m heading to Bali for a change?

Soul Brothers

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