5 Hobbies That Can Change Your Reality

by Tor


September 19, 2022

In this article, you’ll read about the 5 hobbies that can change everything in your life, some examples of how you can do it, and how I have done it on my journey.

Why should you have hobbies at all?

A hobby is something one does for the joy of doing it, much like a seagull who discovers the joy of flight rather than simply using it to get from point A to point B. (Read Jonathan Livingston Seagull for clarity)

When we engage in activities that give us more energy or enable us to “zone out”, we are tapping into something that most of us don’t do anymore, sadly. A usual explanation is “I don’t have time”, but just as in meditation, these activities will leave you with more energy and more time. I like to think of it this way; Are we old because we stop playing, or did we stop playing and got old?

Hobby #1 – The Moneymaker

Everyone should have one hobby that enables them to make money. Not only that, something that earns money from what you love doing, is essential. Why do anything if you don’t like doing it?

There are many points behind this, but the most important one in my opinion is the freedom you start creating in your life. If you start making money from something YOU create, then you’ll soon feel more independent and free, which leads to ideas about how to get more of it. It’s like a glorious domino effect.

The hobby itself could be anything. Some people love coffee, so they started to roast their own beans in the garage. Others might love honey, so they started to experiment with different flavors for the honey. Others still might love to knit, so they create a variety of beautifully knitted goods.

As I said, it could be anything. A Podcast, creating music, taking stunning pictures, writing art, dancing, woodworking, jewelry, fishing, and the list goes on.

I love technology, so I soon found myself in a sea of opportunities, where I could offer websites, graphic design, etc. This spiraled into more ideas and more ways of expressing myself. I didn’t fully understand it when I started, but I had opened something that I would become eternally grateful for having in my life – endless possibilities.

Hobby #2 – The Musclemaker

Research states that if we work out, we’re 40% less likely to die of anything but old age. That’s a pretty significant drop in mortality rate right there!

Those who are active also have more energy, more time, more creativity, more joy, etc. Our bodies are made to move, but in our modern age, we don’t have to do that anymore, so the majority of us simply won’t. I am one of them, as I have never worked out in my life. But then again, there are different ways of going about this. Personally, I love nature, so I will climb a mountain or trek far into the woods with a heavy backpack. This keeps me in shape and active, so I don’t feel bad for not hitting ‘dem weights.

The point is, to stay in shape. Move around, get a dog if you have to, or simply do steps instead of the elevator. There are many ways to get results, and the most important one is that it resonates with YOU.

Hobby #3 – The Knowledgemaker

This one is dear to me. I started my journey with courses and books on topics like social media marketing and sales, but it wasn’t long until I was reading books on quantum physics and psychology – something I’d never wanted to do before. But, as with anything, the first book acted like the first domino. I just had to start somewhere.

Today, we have all the knowledge in the world safely resting next to our genitals. And that’s no joke… If people knew what they are able to do with the phone, TikTok would have far fewer people dancing for followers…

There are some scary statistics on how humans attain new knowledge today, where a lot have lost faith in the education system. Those that do finish school will often not read another book after turning 19 years old. This means that a lot of people might be 30-40 years old, but their intelligence is still at the same level as they were when they finished school.

I did a small experiment where I asked people about their intelligence, and if they thought they could improve it. There was a scary trend where many simply said “It is what it is…”. They had been told that IQ is something we’re born with, and thus it can’t be improved.

Our brains are marvelous pieces of art. One concept that changed my life completely is something called Neuroplasticity. It simply allows us to change our brains. If we have a bad habit, we can change it – which neurologically alters how our brain looks and acts. In other words, we are NOT simply born as X and destined for Y.

This hobby is extremely important because, without growth, there is decay. And if it becomes a trend to not expand consciousness and wisdom, then humanity won’t survive for long.

Hobby #4 – The Creative

When I started my journey, I had no idea where it would take me. Like, no idea at all. The things I do and love today are so vastly different from what I did before that I sometimes reflect on the fact that I am a completely changed human.

But why? Why did it turn out this way?

Without realizing it, I had been delving deep into projects that required creativity. I can honestly say that creativity is a frequency in its own right because it allows you to put something into this world. Something that is uniquely you.

When I start working with clients, I often ask them what they do to express their creativity, and the majority will tell me that they don’t have any outlets. Creativity allows you to be with yourself, which in it itself is a healthy thing because we rarely take time out for ourselves.

It provides a sense of mastery when you finish something you’re proud of, which fuels the motivation to create even more.

It allows for new thoughts and ideas, which rarely come from our everyday hustle.

It sparks joy and self-confidence, which opens the horizon for endless opportunities.

When I talk about psychedelics, there is one quote that I really love:

For those who’ve had the experience, no explanation is necessary, but for those who haven’t – none is possible.

Ram Dass

I honestly think that creativity falls into this category because it holds the power to completely shift your reality.

A creative hobby can be anything! It can be singing, dancing, diving, martial arts, drawing, painting, woodworking, gardening, music composition, and so on. The list is more or less endless! Believe me when I say that this is one of the most important things to practice if you seek any major change in your life.

Hobby #5 – Improving The Mindset

What is “Mindset”?

In the industry that I have been subjected to a whole lot – the online coaching business – it’s being bold and selling things for a lot of money. This is a very cosmetic and surface-level way of seeing it.

Mindset is how you see the world. How your reality unfolds every day. It’s how much flow you experience every day and why you experience that flow.

If you go into every week, thinking “Daaaamnit! It’s Monday again!!”, then I’d argue that this is due to your mindset. It’s all a matter of perspectives. Every Monday holds the infinite possibilities of a new week, as does every single day and second of your life. Everything is about how you choose – read that again – CHOOSE to see it.

If you have something that limits you, your mindset will dictate if and how you deal with it. Will you think “How can I possibly survive this winter with no resources?” or will you think “What can I create to thrive this winter?”.

If you had a falling-out with a close friend or relative, would you contact this person and mend the relationship, or would you let it poison your mind with negative emotions?

Your mindset is what separates you from those around you.

How can you improve it? Read books, listen to stories through podcasts and YouTube, talk to others who have dealt with what you face, hire a coach, as it is with anything, there are many ways of reaching a goal.

Also, understand that you won’t simply wake up one day and go; “My mindset is done!”. This is an eternity game, where you’ll hopefully fall in love with the journey of improving yourself.


With these 5 hobbies, you’ll be shocked by how fast your entire existence can shift. As I went along my own journey, I didn’t realize that I was doing these things (apart from Hobby #2, because I do feel lazy at times). But I often looked back at my progress and felt amazed by the incredible results I’ve seen from practicing these things, especially regarding my knowledge and mindset.

Today, I feel “drawn” to things, and the more I analyze this pull, the more I see that it’s a result of all the above.

I want to push myself.

I want to explore the mammalian diving reflex, conquer the sensation of drowning and submerge myself in the element of water through freediving and underwater hunting.

I want to spend weeks in the forest alone, to see how I would survive and feel the effects of mastery and accomplishment, not to mention the experience I would gain from being able to truly survive on my own terms.

I want to create a life where I can help people like I am today, but in nature and cut off from the Matrix as a whole. Where absolutely nothing holds any power over me apart from my own family.

I want to taste fried ants… Yeah, I have no idea why, but there are so many things to taste in this world, and this bland Norwegian pallet needs more flavors!

I want to go on a true adventure, way beyond what I have done so far. My first goal is to walk 134km in 7 days, following the Child-wanderer’s path in Southern Norway. From there – the sky’s the limit. Actually, there is no limit, but you get what I mean.

If you feel inspired to live life on your terms, and you feel like I can help you on your journey, feel free to book a call with me. The first call is free, and if we see that we can create some magic in your life, we can discuss how to work together.

I hope you have a fantastic day, and if not – create one <3

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