Hávamál – Advice to a Visitor

by Tor


June 26, 2022

The Original Verse

This ancient wisdom is to be applied when you enter new situations, locations, or groups. Never trust blindly. This was as true in the old times as it is today.

When passing
a door-post,
watch as you walk on,
inspect as you enter.
It is uncertain where enemies lurk
or crouch in a dark corner.

-English version of Odin’s Speech

Gáttir allar,
áðr gangi fram,
um skoðask skyli,
um skyggnast skyli,
því at óvíst er at vita,
hvar óvinirsitja á fleti fyrir.

-Norse version of Odin’s Speech

Augo du bruke
fyrr inn du gjeng,
i kot og i kråom,
i kot og i krokom.
For d’er uvist å vita
kvar uvener sit
fyre din fot.

-Norwegian version of Odin’s Speech

Tor’s take on this

Beware of new situations where you’re not familiar with your surroundings. Entering an environment where there are people of ill-intent might put you in an undesirable situation.

Don’t blindly trust those who tell you that it’s okay to do so, for it is the gullible ones who’ll be handed the short end of the stick if they lack control of the situation.

Personal Life Experience

I have lost count of the times when I trusted people who only had their own interests at heart. Where I put down hours of work or gave them my loyalty and trust before they had proved themself worthy.

Don’t share your secrets until the receiving party has proved that they’re worthy of learning them. It’s not the best feeling when you think you’ve gained friends, only to see them disappear from your life and use whatever knowledge you shared with them to enrich themselves.

Not all people are good people.

What to do when you are unsure about the best course of action?

We will talk about this in a later verse from Hávamál, but if in doubt, keep your tongue. Don’t speak unless directly spoken to, and don’t speak about things you don’t fully understand. People may be looking to exploit your ignorance and have you share things you never intended to share. It is better to take your time in thinking of an answer than it is to recklessly spew whatever comes to mind.

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