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Welcome, visionary world-changers and creative souls!

You have arrived at a sanctuary of transformation where your journey to elevating your frequency begins. Here, we ignite sparks of potential you didn’t know existed, guiding you to live a life aligned with your highest values and deepest passions.

Who am I?

I am Tor Seppola, dedicated to empowering change-making individuals and creative visionaries to elevate their frequency and uncover their true potential.

My mission is to create transformative experiences that enable you to forge a legacy of impact and authenticity.

What I Offer

Personal Coaching Sessions

Begin your journey with an in-depth exploration of your potential, tailored specifically to your needs.

Topics of interest that can be of use to you:

Holistic Development;
Personal, Professional, and Spiritual

Artificial Intelligence;
What it ACTUALLY can be used for, so don’t mistake this for “How to use ChatGPT” or “What platform is better at editing videos”. It is important that as many people as possible know how this technology is shifting humanity. Like fire, it can be used for elevating life, but also take life. It all depends on the use and the user.

Metaphysical States of Mind;
How to navigate energies beyond the Love & Light approach (which in all honestly could be even more harmful than just figuring out how to navigate it on your own)

And a lot more. This is why a Discovery Session is so valuable because you will find answers to things you might not have known that you didn’t know.

SAGA Program

My flagship program designed to align your life with your unique values and skills.

Tribe Experiences

Blending traditional wisdom with modern insights to create profound personal growth experiences.

Psychedelic-Aided Therapy
Harness the power of psychedelics for deep inner work and healing.

I consult and guide in the realm of plant medicine-based healing and transformation, offering resources and tools to navigate the journey.

Here is one of the many videos where I talk about my own journey with this kind of medicine:

Tales of Transformation


The Power of Mindset

“From facing seemingly insurmountable challenges to transforming their lives, my clients have journeyed through the depths of their potential. Like a puzzle, life can be complex, but with guidance, the pieces fall into place, revealing a picture of true freedom and fulfillment.”

The Spark of Clarity

“In the serene settings of our Tribe Experience Events, many have discovered clarity and purpose. One such journey began with a simple bonfire conversation and ended with a complete life transformation, proving the power of connection and shared wisdom.”

Life is an adventure, and every step you take with me brings you closer to your true self. Join my tribe, participate in transformative programs, and start forging your legacy today.

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