Stop Thinking, Start Doing

by Tor


June 14, 2022

What does it take to reach your goal? To get to the finish line? To manifest what you see so clearly in your mind?

35 Years to Become an Overnight Success

Why do I feel an urge to run? Looking at my surroundings in my car, I visualize myself running, lifting, and growing in musclemass. It’s not that I have a desire to become “big”, but for some reason, my training has reached a pivotal point. I’ve been working on myself for a decade, going from the ultimate failure toward my goal of being an unlikely success.

Although I’ve reached this point in my evolution, I believe I did it the wrong way around. I started working on my mind, not my body. If physical mastery had been my priority from the start, things might have come around quicker, but I have no regrets.

Work used to be a drag. Something I would avoid doing as much as I could. Be that my responsibilities in the educational system, my responsibilities in general employment, or things that are simply expected in life.

But now… As I sit here in 2022, something has changed.

What it takes

It’s constantly said by the “veterans”. It’s simple and common sense.

In order to succeed, you need to DO what you need to do. That means creating the foundations for whatever you’re building. It means that if you want to be in shape, you need to work out. If you’re building an online business, you need the landing page and/or website. You need to write the emails. You need to figure out who you help and what you help them with. You need to DO.

As I’m sitting here, writing this, I’m creating content on a website that has the bare minimum created. No CRM, no forms, no BRANDING, no nothing. Black text on white background. Why? Because it’s the first step of DOING. If what I need to do is to write to get my thoughts into the world, then by everything holy, I will write.

If I need to challenge my perspective on creating and selling services, then I will. I will do the work that is required to reach my goals. No. Matter. What.

And because of that, for some reason, I want to get into great physical shape as well! It’s weird how our mentalities change along with our evolution.

Not wanting clients

I’ve worked a lot of gigs. I’ve been a sex chat operator, I’ve tried dropshipping, I’ve done social media managing, I’ve been a graphic designer, a web developer, a translator, a coach, a consultant, I’ve had an e-commerce store, I’ve done it all.

Shortly after the last gig, I realized that I know more than I took credit for. I knew that I had to do something.

My life changed within 72 hours. I figured I would sell a high-ticket service, and then build what I needed while simply servicing that one client.

I sold a package for 12.000 EUR, more money than I’d ever seen so far in my journey. But it didn’t feel like I thought it would. It actually felt cheap, because I had worked so hard to earn my skills. But regardless of the success, here’s where reality sets in.

In my former gig, I did my best to serve at times 140+ clients. Constantly feeling like I was lagging behind, always having a full inbox to respond to, and repeatedly bringing demotivated clients back up to performance took a toll on me. I swore I would never be in a situation like that again. At the same time, I had seen what I was capable of because I lasted 9 months until I took my health seriously and told the company that it wasn’t worth it for me.

Knowing what an overwhelm of work feels like, I knew that I wanted a very select few clients. Following this model, I thought I had made it. But when things don’t go as expected, like you not being able to work because you lack material from clients, etc, things might spiral out of control. Money runs out, and you’re not taking on new clients because you don’t want to overpromise and underdeliver.

That’s where I’m at right now, as I’m writing this.

I’m writing this because I need to DO. I need to put things into action and ride the momentum to come up with a solution that will work for everyone.

Death over Dishonor

I have this “nasty habit” of wanting to provide my best service no matter what. That’s generally a great thing for my clients, but it’s not always great in terms of personal stability.

Wanting to avoid a bad client experience at all costs, procrastination is a real thing. The Perfectionist Struggle. Always second-guessing myself and doubting my value. It’s a common problem in selling intangible services. Knowing about it gives me an advantage because I can force myself to release good things over perfect, but that doesn’t remove the problem. I still want to be the best I can be.

But that’s where this whole post comes into play. I’m not writing this for you. I’m writing this for myself. I’m writing a less-than-perfect article on a barely functional website to push myself. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration, but my main intention is to continue to push myself.

That’s why I want to get into physical mastery. To become better at my game and to crush my goals.

I appreciate the time you’ve given me in reading this. There’s nothing more important than time, so it honors me greatly. If there’s one thing I want you to take from this, it’s to start doing. Write your thoughts onto paper and see where it goes. It’s an enlightening practice.

Just. Start. Doing.

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