Psychedelic Therapy & Trip Sitting

Get Started on your Journey with Psychedelic-Aided Personal Development

What is this?

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is a form of psychotherapy where we combine conversation therapy with the psychedelic compound psilocybin. I can help you through the process, but I can’t provide you with the medicine.

In Norway, you can be fined for possession of these compounds. (read more)


We’ll get to know each other and build a foundation of safety while we prepare for the session together. We’ll focus on how to navigate the experience and what to expect after.

The Psychedelic Experience

The client consumes the psychedelic compound and is guided through the experience in a safe setting.


The insights one may get from the experience is interpreted together and we work on gaining the insights to implement desired changes in life.

What we do together


I help you with information, compatability assessment, minimizing the risk, “Set & Setting” and foundational knowledge.


I provide guidance and physical presence through the experience, which provides the safety one require to do inner personal work.


A psychedelic experience can be challenging to integrate into life. It is helpful to have an experienced practicioner for this.

Why am I doing this?

Tor has spoken to hundreds of people from all walks of life. He quickly understood that a lot of highly educated people struggle the same as everyone else, regardless of their level of success.

He started to realize that despite not being educated in a traditional sense, his experience(s) and countless hours of self-study and courses had provided insights that helped people on their journey. He started to work with coaches where he learned that most of those he spoke with followed a universal “script” that wasn’t applicable to every situation.

Tor learned through trauma, pain, and the personal work he put in to overcome his challenges – including books and courses on coaching, deep inner work, psychedelic experiences, and more – yet the thing that made a difference was the emotionally intuitive experience and wisdom that he gained once he saw the light on the other end of the challenges.

He basically walked his talk, and his walk has become a lifestyle.

Today, he runs a Facebook group on Norweigan Psychedelic Mushrooms with several thousand members, all on different stages of their journey, all from different professional positions and walks of life, from the strugging “every-day person”, to the politician. Through the initial years, he learned what people faced in this area of psychedelic exploration. He then started to create resources to help them further on their journey, and finally started to provide sessions on coaching, retreats, and/or “tripsitting”, with the intent of reaching the highest potential of the human experience.

Psychedelic-aided personal development became Tor’s calling, and he has been on the journey ever since, teaching and learning as he goes.


What don’t I do?

I do not provide you with the compounds

Providing these compounds is illegal, so I don’t supply my clients with the medicine. As Paul Stamets – a world renowned mycologist says, “Nature provides, not me.”

On that note, I can assist you with the knowledge on safe mushroom identification.


No sexual contact

As these experiences can introduce a new perspective on love and other emotions, one might become “confused” when experiencing them.

Before the expeirence, we will cover the “flight plan”, so that during the experience, we’ll keep physical contact to hugs, presence, and decent conduct.


No guarantees

I won’t guarantee results despite the overwhelmingly positive effects we’ve seen from this treatment. The results and integration fully depends on the client’s willingness to work on themselves.

How does it work?

Depending on your location in the world, we’ll arrange the best way to meet up for a physical experience. We’ll have one introduction call where we check both our compatibility as well as your own compatibility with these compounds. If everything checks out, we’ll look at the best way to meet, either domestically or international.


1 Consultation Call

We have a session where we get to know each other, and to see if we’re an energetic fit. We’ll also cover what to expect and steps forward if we decide to work together.


Single Virtual Session

Once we have been introduced, you can book a session with me to discuss anything around personal development, coaching, or psychedelics.


Full-Day Experience

Trip Sitting / Psychedelic Therapy

€800 per person for the first session together with a 20% discount on any following sessions.