Learn How to Harness The Power of Nature’s Medicine


I understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate through a forest of information, trying to find a clear trail to your knowledge. That’s why I want to present you with a sincere, valuable gift – my comprehensive Field Guide for Liberty Caps. I’ve distilled into it the essence of what I’ve learned about identifying, preparing, and storing these fascinating fungi.

This guide is brimming with practical tools, detailed images, and insightful information, all designed to help you start your unique journey into the world of Liberty Caps. This is your first step towards personal, educational, and experiential freedom. No gimmicks, no false promises. Just genuine help to reach your goals.

The Field Guide covers everything from habitat to identification, preparation, storage, drying, effects, and images. It’s a treasure trove of knowledge that should be more than sufficient for anyone eager to learn.

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Liberty Caps Field Guide