Share Your Magic online

with a Hybrid Group Coaching Program That Impacts Lives, and Unleash Your Authentic Legacy

(even if your knowledge is extremely specialized)

You have a dream to impact lives at scale.

Now it’s time to Forge that dream

…and make it even bigger

You've tought about launching a program

But the prospect of creating a training course that no one listens to – or worse – listens to, but doesn’t get results from… is the furthest thing from ‘exciting’.

You've thought about masterminds & events

But you’ve realized that your time is your most valuable asset, and you simply don’t have enough of it to manifest your dream.

You've thought about running a workshop or challenge

But it feels like an exhausting ‘launch’ over and over again, rather than a valuable growth experience, and sacrificing client (or your) results & happiness was never on the agenda.


You want a sustainable way to help people in need, create impact & Legacy – without working 25 hours per day or hurting client results by serving more people…

(I know the feeling of having too many clients to serve… it’s not fun)

Here’s a crazy question for you:

What if you could serve 10, 20, even 100+ clients in the same amount of time it takes you to serve two or three right now?

(And still get them the same great results, WITHOUT burning out due to a poor system!)

Here’s the deal with Forging your Legacy through a modern online education system…

…an education system that you can be part of creating

If you want to create a massive impact, you have to STOP trading time for money and start thinking BIGGER.

That means… You’ll need a way to deliver your specialized expertise 1:Many, in less time.

The fastest & most profitable way to scale your coaching is via an evergreen group program.

… and that’s where a Hybrid enters the building, like a glorious mythological creature of salvation.

When the process is sound, your audience will not only trust you – they will also trust the process – which gives them results while you can bask in the best drug on this planet…


…being fulfilled from doing something you truly love.

But that’s not all. You’ll also be able to use your creativity to impact even more lives, become who you truly are (beneath the stresses and problems of a “normal” life), and create your vision on the highest level!


In other words – leaving behind a valuable Legacy for those who comes after you.

FML Legacy Forging isn’t a mainstream program or course.

A year ago, I was working for what I thought was Scandinavia’s best coaching business, trying to be the “savior” of 140+ clients every day.


Turned out, that the company culture and their way of doing things were severely lacking, and it didn’t feel good.


I knew I had more to give, but I was burnt out within 8 months. I felt like I was leaving my students in a warzone.


I vowed that I would NEVER do the mainstream approach again, where it’s all about the fake marketing and profits, and not about the actual value being given to the person who invested their time, energy, and money in their journey.


Never again would my students suffer because I had too much to handle.


Never again would I let the ego of profiteers dictate how I was to help a human in need.


So I started working on a solution…

A solution for teaching the knowledge so that it actually got implemented and understood by the student.

A solution to be able to support each student’s unique journey & accelerate their success – even in larger groups.

A solution that would help the students create the impact they wanted to give to the world.

That’s why we created The Legacy Forge and the Hybrid Teaching System

It’s perfect for you whether you want to take your knowledge online for the first time & serve a small group – OR – you’re ready to leave your Legacy and impact the world with your current success…

And because of the many ways of doing this – anything in between.

But that’s not all. You’ll also be able to use your creativity to impact even more lives, become who you truly are (beneath the stresses of a “normal” life), and create your vision on the highest level!

90% Automated

So your students will be taken care of at any time, while you do whatever you need or want to do.

100% Personalized

So that your students always gets the hands-on support they need from either you or their peers.

100% Timeless

So that you have peace of mind, knowing that your program can start and grow any time.


What if I'm not "techy"?

We understand that one of the bigger reasons why people don’t do this sooner, is because they feel like they’re not technologically savvy.

We believe that it’s because it hasn’t been taught well enough. Following a “recipe” of to-do’s makes this equivalent to baking a cake. Luckily, computers are logic-based.

For those who still struggle despite this resource, we have a very skilled team ready to help you.

I don't want to leave a "legacy"... Is this for me?

Sure, many won’t be looking to change the fabric of the Universe with their knowledge, but here’s what we believe;

You know something that will help those who come after you. One of Tor’s biggest regrets is that he wasn’t able to persuade his grandfather to write a book. In 2022, most young people are on TikTok and other social media. This has become their education! Many don’t give two flying f*@!s about school, they would rather be cool with their friends.

This has led to us having people who think that Homo Sapiens need to be in the Zoo…

You have knowledge that needs to be shared, if not for you, then for the children of your children’s children, because this evolution of technology won’t stop anytime soon.

Our world is struggling, and we need to step up to do what we can to help it out.

Will this work for my niche?

This will work for any niche. It’s simply a way to effectively and sustainably share your knowledge in a win-win situation.

If you’re thinking about this question, I invite you to think about WHY you want to do this and stop merely focusing on the vehicle to the result.

What if I don't know what to sell?

Everyone thinks this in the beginning.

We’ll guide and support you in uncovering your gold. You have something that you know better than the average person, and that is valuable to people who haven’t yet reached your level of knowledge.

What if there's a lot of people doing what I do?

Good! That means that there’s a demand.

You’re unique, and if you don’t see that – it’s our job to make you see it. People don’t buy the product/service, they buy the person behind the product/service.

So if this is a limitation, I invite you to remove it right now and start creating what you’re meant to create.

I've tried the "online thing" before...

You might have tried a strategy, delivered by an “expert” or “guru” of the “online thing” before.

That’s not the same thing…

They rarely care about more than the money in their pocket, which is fine, we all need money, but it shouldn’t be the core reason for why you’re doing this.

Often with those types of programs, you will get access to a library of outdated videos and Google Docs. That’s why many fail – because they don’t adapt to the times!

This is not like that. The knowledge you will learn with us is not limited to the Online space. You can do this anywhere because it’s about YOU and who you help.

We’re focusing on the online sphere right now because it’s the most efficient way to help many people, but this could’ve been done in a park café with the same (if not even more) value.