Saga: Day 1-10

by Tor


November 25, 2022

Welcome to your Self-Discovery Saga!

To start this off, be sure to read The Challenge Flightplan, as it contains important information regarding setup and requirements.

Next, create a short Introduction Video of yourself, where you answer these questions:
1. Your name
2. Your current situation in life
3. What do you love doing when you want to relax or “zone out”
4. Your goal/intention for the Challenge. What do you want life to look like when you’re done? Be creative!

Don’t overthink this. The questions are merely for inspiration. The main idea with this is for you to actually record and upload a video, because for many – that is actually the first barrier to them achieving their goals.

For the first 10 Days of the Challenge, you have a “simple” job.

  1. Record your introduction to the Tribe, and post it to Youtube. You can upload it “Unlisted” (as shown in the video above) and then post the link to it in The Tribe Chat.
  2. Record the daily videos to start forming the habit and bettering your communication
  3. Really consider and reflect on who you are for the next days/weeks and write it down or speak about it on video.

    – What do you love doing?

    – What would you do, even if you never got paid for it?

    – If you had all the money you’d ever need, what would your daily life look like?

    – What are some limitations in yourself that you are aware of? We have exercises on this later in the challenge.

    – Why (if relevant) do you want to change these things about yourself? What would it lead to?

    – What is a problem you see in the world, that you would fix if you could? Education? Health? Government?

    …Anything you can think of.

    – Do you have a superpower? A thing people come to you for, or something you’re better at than others?

  4. Interact with the Tribe and get to know your fellow Legacy Forgers.

Journaling Prompts you can use when going through these days of the Challenge:

  • What do you hope to achieve through this challenge?
  • What intentions do you have for the next 100 Days of your Saga?
  • What does success look like for you in the end?
  • What steps can you take in the next 10 days to start your journey?

Keep an eye out in your email, because in 10 days, you will gain access to the next part of your journey.

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Tor is a Legacy Forger by heart. He wants to create a better world by showing Freedom Fighters how to create the life they truly want; independent and in control over their time, thoughts, income, and geographical location.